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The Know How sticks to three rules as a band: Rock the hell out of every venue, sweat profusely on every stage, and make their fans leave every show wanting more. First described as "ska insanity" by fans in their hometown, the Gainesville Florida based group has been performing around the nation and tearing up the road for almost seven years. Their live performances break through with intense energy and all efforts focused on eliminating any separation between band and crowd. It's this energy that continues to draw crowds from Boston to Chicago, New Orleans to Anaheim, and Quebec to Toronto.

As the only unsigned band representing the east-coast, The Know How was very proud to appear at the Ska Summit in Nevada during March of 2003. With well over 10,000 in attendance, the band took it upon themselves to make a lasting impression. They must have. A few months later, the band was mentioned as a top ska act in the August 2003 issue of Alternative Press. Soon after, they were signed to Jump Up! Records who re-released their 2nd album, "Happy Fun Robot Kill Time."

During the last year and a half, The Know How has really stepped up their touring schedule. They solidified a coast to coast and diverse fan base during various tours with Mustard Plug, The Toasters, and Streetlight Manifesto. The band also extended their popularity with three trips to Canada with help from their new found label, Union Label Group / Stomp Records and touring-mates, The Planet Smashers. With more fans, bigger shows, and longer tours The Know How and their fans have much to look forward to in 2005.

The Know How has recently completed work on their third full length album, “Now in Technicolor” which will be released February 1st in Canada and March 1st in the USA on Stomp Records. From the album, fans should will hear a more aggressive sound that stays true to the ska-rock they are used to from The Know How. Sci-fi Moog licks, catchy horn lines, and high energy sing-alongs will all be begging for attention.

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